Tree Care Services

Unsafe and overgrown trees can look untidy, cause damage to property and may pose a risk to you and others. This ends up costing you time and money and it can be tricky to find a tree company that'll give you good advice, value for money and the peace of mind that they've done the job safely. Acro Tree Services provides advice, tree trimming and tree removal services. Our focus is on doing a great job and doing it safely every time. 
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About Us

We provide advice, tree trimming and tree removal services and specialised powerline vegetation management. 

What makes Acro Trees different is that everything we do, from how we operate, to our people, equipment and facilities is geared towards a quality service, delivered on time and in full. Our staff are fully trained and skilled at what we do and we do a fantastic job. We listen and take care to help you find solutions, no matter how large or small the tree issue. 

We are based in Brisbane with services in Qld, Vic and WA. We want the environment to retain its natural beauty, diverse range of trees and vibrant vegetation. You can be sure that we’ll never advise for cutting, trimming, pruning, or removal work to be undertaken unless absolutely necessary. 

What We Offer

We can help you with advice on the condition of your trees, such as:

  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Safety
  • Tree health
  • Pests, diseases, and other potential problems
  • Root detection
  • Vegetation management
  • Recommendations and planning

All of these factors can affect planning permissions, create safety issues, and devalue your property. The team at Acro Tree Services has the experience to assess your situation and deliver an effective plan of action.

We can provide a free written quote where we meet with you and talk through your issues and what you want done. 

Our Clients

Today we are excited to work across Australia under the leadership of Nick Clark, our Director, who has over 20 years experience in the tree industry and as a business leader. We are trusted service provider to:

  • Property Owners
  • Construction Companies
  • Developers and Planners
  • Government Organisations
  • Schools
  • Utility Companies and Tradesmen

Call Us For Free Quote on 1300 ACRO TREES

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