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    Local Tree Guidelines 

    Are Your Trees Protected?

    Before you start up your chainsaw, it's important to find out whether your trees are protected by a Vegetative Protection Order (VPO). Many trees are protected by VPOs that enforce restrictions and guidelines on the trimming, cutting, and removal of certain trees. Different parts of Australia may have different legislation, orders, and restrictions on trees that are designed to preserve natural beauty, save trees, and provide a framework for working safely with trees. It's important to understand all the different types of legislation and restrictions before undertaking any work
    At Acro Trees, we are experts when it comes to working with local councils, red tape, restrictions, and tree guidelines. Our team is able to carry out full checks on trees in and around your property to investigate their status and inform you of any issues. It's vital that these kind of checks are carried out by expert arborists, as you don't want to set to work on a tree only to find out you are breaking the law.

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